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Please find attached rar file which contains 514 songs in word format. You will have to convert these to Power Point or EasiWorship.

I am from Kerala, India now living in England.
  • Jesus and the Immigrant

    A story circulating on the Internet reached my inbox recently. Written by an anonymous Indian software engineer, it describes the high hopes and dreams he had in immigrating to the United States. He lands a good job, hurriedly returns to India to marry, jets back to the U.S. with his bride and starts a family. He plans to go back home so his parents can see their grandchildren, but one thing or another prevents that. Finally word reaches him that his parents have passed on and only the neighbors were there to take care of them. The young family eventually makes it back to India thinking to settle, but the American-born children don’t like it. What to do? The wife won’t return to the U.S. and the children won’t stay in India. The husband reluctantly goes back to the U.S. with the kids, promising his wife he’ll come back to be with her in couple years. The kids grow older and settle happily in America, so at last the husband returns to India to join his wife – but soon his faithful wife passes on. His life’s savings, not amounting to nearly what he dreamed of in his youth, allow for only a two-bedroom flat – one bedroom more than what his father had. A lifetime of work, family uprooted, relationships weakened by distance and cultural differences, missing the important life-passages of family – for what? One extra bedroom? The author of the little story (whether fiction or truth I don’t know), asks at the end of his life, “Was all this worth it? I am still searching for an answer……….!!!”

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    Without a doubt, I would say, “Search no more.” There is someone who has answers for you. His name is Jesus. In his life there are life principles to guide the immigrant, whether the lost and lonely soul adrift, or the successful and satisfied career-driven family man or woman. Better even than wise principles, Jesus offers purpose for living and power to overcome adversity and sin, to put knowledge and beliefs into practice, and to gain assurance of a meaningful relationship with God. All these translate into a true and lasting peace that will not leave one feeling empty at the end of life. All religions respect Jesus. They may accord him different status as good teacher, holy man, prophet, god (a deity) or even God (the only one). It is worth taking a good look at the life of one so widely revered. What does Jesus have to say to the twenty-first century immigrant?

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