It is not too late bring back those of our children who are away from church activities, family values, ethics, and morals. They are wondering and wandering their own streets of lives, asking "Who can answer and guide me on the right path of life?" They are traveling on the street of misery, which lies between a hard place and a rock of two cultures, leading to the unpromising back alley of the twin cultures they daily face.

Our children are our back-bone for tomorrow. They are the leaders of tomorrow. With this vision we should resolve their problems and prepare them by answering their reasonable questions, and lead them with godly counsel to walk in the path of righteousness. Otherwise, what hope is there for us to imagine our children as tomorrow's leaders? We have the responsibility of reconciling their body, soul, and spirit to a whole being that they may function as God intended. We need to comfort, guide, and sustain the tender hearts and minds of our children before the devil can damage them any longer. It is obvious that our children are torn between two cultures, but we can prepare them to face the demands of tomorrow spiritually, physically, and materially by the help of God through committed trained pastors, counselors, and godly psychologists who understand the whole person of our children.

Parents and churches are quite concerned about the next generation, but so far we have been asking each other, "What should we do with our young people? How do we turn them around to conduct godly lives at church, home, and school? How do we prepare them for their future and right choice of marriage?" Many are searching for ways to bring up their youth to focus on godliness, values, ethics, morals, and right marriage relationship. Such efforts are commendable.

However, it is worth noting that human personality is so complex and an understanding of it would be very helpful to resolve many of the problems our young people face today. A trained counselor in this area is more adept to heal the wounds of our youth than an ordinary believer. He is equipped with various tools and strategies to reconcile many of the problems our youth face today and to comfort, guide and sustain them for tomorrow.

Therefore, it is wise to consider receiving the help of Agape Family Education and Research Council. It is an organization committed to help our youth through counseling and seminars under the umbrella of existing churches in this nation. May God give us all wisdom and insight to make use of available resources that are inherent in our godly professionals to benefit the future of our children. It is not too late!