We have many Why questions in life. Why did he die, why did I fail, Why did I lose my job, Why did my wife leave me, Why do I have this illness? Will people who have Jesus in their lives face these situations? Isn’t He all sufficient for us?

John 2: 1-9. Here is scenario where a shortage is noticed in a place where Jesus was present. Jesus was there physically present: Still there was a shortage:

Will there be Problems even after serving God faith fully for God’s children in whose lives Jesus lives within?

Ask David: During the early days of his life, he was forgotten by parents but God’s strength was upon him. He was called in and anointed to be the king, his fate changed, and now he is being chased around by Saul who has lost the ‘anointing’. He could ask, why this is happening to him. “I never wanted this”. However, David knew that God was with him and was preparing him to come to the position that God had anointed him for

Ask Joseph: He was favored by his father, and as a sign a coat of multi colors was given to him. He was despised by everyone because of the dream. Nobody believed it. He did. He was cast into a pit after being stripped of the visible sign of his father’s favor. Satan wants to strip you off the grace and put you in a pit where there is no water (fellowship). He knows your dream too. He wants to quench that. Joseph is now being traded. He still kept on. In Potipher’s house- circumstantial evidence works against him. He still kept on. Ended up in Prison; still dreamed on. THERE IS A WAITING PERIOD. Joseph knew that and God prepared him for the palace.

Ask Job: God testifies of him as righteous and upright man. He lost everything in one day, Children, wealth, and health. His helpmate (his wife) says, go and despise your God and die. However Job says, “even if He slays me I will wait for Him. I know that my redeemer lives”- What he says here is “I have a living kinsman among a dying family, I have absolute property amidst poverty, I have absolute certainty amidst uncertain circumstances”.


Shadrach Meshach and Abednego say to the king ‘We know he will deliver us but even if He does not, we will trust Him alone’. Daniel has the same determination: ‘I know he will; even if He does not I will still pray to Him alone’. These men of God suffered even though they were faithful. They esteemed the creator above their problem.

1.Most important thing is - Be in His presence; Jesus was present at this wedding feast.

2.Mary came and told him that there was no wine. CONFESS. Do not underestimate him. Mary has not seen anything from him before. She goes to him with great expectations but gets a totally negative answer. She still says ‘if He says something, do it’

3.Jesus asks the servants to fill the water pots. It is a questionable command. Water is needed when the guests go in. Even if Jesus is going to perform a miracle 150 gallons are not needed as it will be too much wine but they obeyed without question. The water turned to wine. The blessings are complimentary to obedience. When the obedience is complete - Blessing is instantaneous, plentiful and best.

When you are a child of God you will go through problems of life. Remember Romans 8: 28. Invite Jesus to your problem, confess it to him, let him take care of that, obey him, even if the answer is no or delayed. His answer will be best, plentiful and instant when His time arrives.