SSNI is pleased to present the new Sunday School text book for the high teens focused on Christian Apologetics, Holy Spirit, Pentecostal Movement, and Marriage and Family. So far SSNI has published four text books for young teens, teens and young adults, and a teachers' guide for young teens. SSNI text books are currently used in the US and around the world.

“I find that the apologetics material prepared by SSNI is of the highest quality without being too complicated. It addresses difficult issues of interpretation that sometimes divide Christians without compromising Scripture.”  L.T. Jeyachandran, Executive Director, Asia-Pacific branch, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

It has been my privilege to be affiliated with this organization, being active in the training of teachers through their regional and national conferences. I have also been an advisor to the Board of SSNI on curriculum matters. I trust that the leaders of our community will do all they can to promote this effort. The list of curriculum writers involved in this project is impressive. The Keralite community is blessed to have such an outstanding group of men and women to contribute to this work. One can easily see that they have taken the time to develop the lessons in an age-appropriate way and user-friendly way. I am impressed with the quality of this first volume. The word of God is the focus of the Word Series…….” Dr. Thomson K. Mathew, DMin, EdD; Dean, School of Theology and Missions, Oral Roberts University

“I had the privilege of contributing to the first volume, and I consider it a great honor to serve as a consultant to the project... Each lesson features questions and life issues and relevant Bible passages that will encourage the participants to interact with one another and the teacher. Another notable quality of the volume is that each writer is fully committed to a strictly fundamental interpretation of the Bible. Each lesson is written as part of the whole, which attests to the competency of the authors in arranging various subjects on a common thread. This new volume will serve as a valuable weekend companion to all who want to learn more about Jesus and His church. I am confident that this new Christian education tool will be received with great enthusiasm.” Professor Ezhamkulam. C. Samkutty, Ph.D., Southern University, Louisiana.

“One can easily see that they have taken the time to develop the lessons in an age-appropriate and user-friendly way. I am impressed with the quality of this volume.” “This new volume will serve as a valuable weekend companion to all who want to learn more about Jesus and His church.” Prof. E. C. Samkutty, PhD; Southern University, Louisiana

“The authors have treated relevant issues well, writing in contemporary language without compromising biblical doctrine and truth.” Rev. Dr. T. Valson Abraham, General Secretary, IPC General Council

I am glad to know subjects like apologetics, discipleship, family and marriage, spiritual warfare and missions are included in the SSNI curriculum, as they are crucial topics of study of this time.”
Rev. T. J. Samuel, Superintendent, AG, Malayalam District Council, Kerala

“Truly, this text book unlocks the unsearchable depths of the unchanging and unfailing Word of God.” Rev. P.J. James, Overseer, Church of God (Full Gospel) in India, Kerala

Hear what the churches have to say about the SSNI Text Books:

“We have been using SSNI Sunday School curriculum for the past three years. We have found it to be of excellent standard, explaining the fundamental truths and doctrines of the church in simple language and providing insights into practical Christian living. This enables the students to fashion their lives according to the Word of God. In the first year after a few weeks of lessons, one-seventh grader said, “finally we have a book with serious lessons like we had in India”. We highly recommend the use of this curriculum in all the Sunday Schools in North America.” P A Samuel, Sunday School Director, India Christian Assembly, New York.

“As the Sunday School Director of IPC Eastern Region, I am exceedingly happy to let you know that most of our Sunday schools in this region are using the SSNI textbooks to teach our children. The responses from our teachers using these books during the past three years are outstanding. By using these biblically sound and culturally adaptable SSNAK textbooks, I am sure we can teach our younger generation in a better way in the days to come.” Michael Johnson, MDiv. Sunday School Director, IPC Eastern Region.

Teacher's Training
SSNI has trained over 700 teachers in major cities/states in North America, and other parts of the world such as Toronto (Canada), London (UK), and Middle East. Training modules are professionally presented with handouts.

Online Resources:
Free Sunday school resources such as curriculum/syllabus, training topics, sample lessons, online order form, and consultation available at

Rev. Dr. Joy Joseph, TN
Bro. Mathai Alummoottil, NY
Prof. Sushil Mathew, TX
Dr. Thomas Idiculla, MA
Rev. Leslie Verghese, NY
Rev. George Mathew, PA

Understanding the need for biblically sound and culturally adaptable Sunday School teaching methods, SSNI focuses on the development of Sunday school curriculum and text books. The project to develop Sunday School text books was undertaken by SSNI (previously named SSNAK) in July 2001. A thirty member Curriculum Development Team consisting of theologians, ministers of the gospel, Sunday School directors/ teachers, and laymen worked together under the direction of Dr. Thomas Idiculla, in producing these books. This group of committed Sunday school teachers has worked tirelessly for the past five years in ensuring that the vision was kept alive through these textbooks. Dr. Thomson K. Mathew, Dr. Ezhamkulam Samkutty, Dr. K V. Simon, and Dr. Kunjappen Varghese served as consultants. Sushil Mathew, Leslie Verghese, Shibu Thomas,  and Albert Mathew have served as members of the editorial team. SSNI has published 4 Text books for Young teens, Teens and Young adults and Seniors, and Teachers' guide for young teens. SSNI also has provided Sunday school text books to over 100 churches in the USA and abroad, and trained over 500 Sunday School Teachers in 15 places including overseas cities such as Toronto (Canada), and Southall (London). These training programs are mainly facilitated by Sushil Mathew, Dallas, TX. SSNI acknowledges the financial support of the following churches towards the publication of the Sunday School Text Books.  India Pentecostal Assembly, New York; India Christian Assembly, New York; and Kerala Christian Assembly, Canada; IPC Hebron, Dallas, Texas, & Dr. Joy Joseph, Chattanooga, TN.