Who is this Moses and how did he end up in such a predicament?


1.                  Drawn out of Water – Hebrews 11:23 describes him as proper child, a divine child, a beautiful child. The inner eyes of the parents of Moses were open so that they were able to discern the beauty of Moses. He was born at a time when the Israelites needed a Redeemer. He was also born at a time when the enemy was going all out to eliminate the presence of the Redeemer from the face of the earth.


The divine plan of God is embedded even in the midst of the decree to destroy that plan. His parents tried to protect him the best way they could but had to give up finally. God will wait for a time when we let Go, and let God work. When they gave up, God takes his promise safely to the shore where he is drawn out of water to continue his life royally.


Moses may be the only person in human history that drank his mother’s breast milk while she was being paid for nursing him. God’s provisions are super natural and many times not logical to human understanding


2.                  Took a Decision According to God’s Will – In Hebrews 11:24-26 we can see that Moses made a choice. He chose to suffer with his brethren and rejected the pleasures of the palace. A price will have to be paid for the choices that we make, whether good or bad. What prompted Moses to choose Poverty and reject Royalty was because he knew who he was. He also knew that who he had belief in was able to keep him.


3.                  Begins his Mission in his Time – Moses knew that he had a calling in his life. He knew that his mission was to redeem his people. His mistake was not in discerning his calling and election but in his impulsivity. He was not ready to wait for God’s Time to be revealed in his life. Wait for God’s Time to avoid a time f shame and reproach.


4.                  Moses Runs Away Fearing Pharaoh – Moses did what he did with good intentions. He wanted to do God’s work. However, because he did it in his time, he is now forced to hide.


As he acted outside of the will of God, Moses now changed from a fearless warrior to fearful runaway. Moses is fleeing for his life as he now thinks that Pharaoh will take his life for what he did.


5.                  Moses by the Well – Now we see this ‘proper’ child in a disappointed face of life by the well in Midian. He is now without directions, in an aimless phase of life.


This is the time for Moses to take stock of the situation. What happened? How did I end up here? Where did I go wrong?


6.                  Deliverance in Ministry – When a person who has a calling in his life is in a state of hibernation, God does not give up on him. Instead, God is preparing him for the ministry to be fully conformed to HIS will. In Moses’ life, God sends a group that needs his help. Our victory is in responding to the call. Even though Moses tried to walk away from the mission, he finally rises to the occasion. The response of Moses in terms of him not being able must be seen more as an admission of his inability than his desire to avoid the ministerial opportunity.


Moses knew that now it was God’s time. Moses who spent the first 40 years of his life in the land of Egypt was sent to the wilderness for 40 years to unlearn every human strategy that he learnt. God then uses him for the next 40 years as his effective instrument for the completion of the deliverance of his people.


Are you sitting by the well? Take stock of the situation and get ready for the journey ahead.