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Shape of a Disciple
Leslie Verghese, LCSW
Leslie Verghese is the Executive Director of Agape Partners International and the Vice President of a premier Social Service agency in New York. Rev. Verghese is a licensed psychotherapist and is also a minister at the Shalem Tabernacle in Elmont, NY. Married to Jessy and has four children, Japhia, Joshua, Johana and Jaynah. He can be contacted at  
By Leslie Verghese, LCSW
Published on 03/26/2009
This presentation tries to explain the various stages of Discipleship as a person is born into the Kingdom of God and grows to mature into the fullness of Christ. It is a life long process and we often become stagnant in that process. Realizing the stages of life and acting appropriately will help us achieve the ultimate goal that God wants us to achieve. Six shapes Circle, Semi Circle, Triangle, Square, Pentagon, and Hexagon are used in these slides to explain the various stages of discipleship

Understanding Discipleship thru Lifeshapes