Open Tomb (Luke 24:2)

I have visited over 170 cities around the world.  The places of attraction in these cities are generally a tomb or a memorial.  One of the Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal is essentially a tomb.  The Capital of India, Delhi could be renamed as ‘city of tombs’.  And many times great personalities visit these tombs to get inspiration.  Though the men who died were great in human standards, their ideals generally died with them.

The Open Tomb is entirely different.  The people who conspired the Lord’s death wanted that tomb to be sealed; the mob that cried for death of Lord Jesus wanted the tomb be shut forever; the Roman Empire wanted no more trouble and wanted the tomb be sealed and secure; Satan and his army wanted the Messiah to perish. The religious forces, so called nationalistic forces, political forces, and dark spiritual forces wanted the tomb be shut.  

Demonstration of God’s power

Open tomb declares God’s power.  The whole creation, put to death the Messiah for humanity to death and buried him.  But, God was not defeated; he raised Lord Jesus from death.  Through death Lord Jesus defeated death the last enemy of humanity.

Demonstration of divinity of Lord Jesus Christ

The Open Tomb also demonstates the ‘divinity’ of Lord Jesus Christ.  He was truly Son of God.  He is God Himself in human form, creator, savior, redeemer and one who is Coming Soon.  The Wounded Saviour also is the Risen Saviour.  The Historical Lord Jesus Christ is also the Contemporary Jesus Christ, who is relevant to us in our day to day life.

Demonstration of hope for humanity

The resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ gives new hope for humanity.  If Lord Jesus was raised, then the life after death was demonstrated.  If God could raise Lord Jesus Christ from the death, He could bring New Life to fallen human beings that are eternal in quality and quantity.  New creation in Lord Jesus Christ is the hope of humanity.

Open eyes (Luke 24: 31)

Blinded by Satan

All human beings are blinded by Satan (II Cor 4:4), that they lack divine perspective.  So, they could not understand the Truth, the True God, His love or Way of Salvation.  The disciples on the Emmaus Road may not have been totally blind, but were for sure partially blind spiritually.  They were like the blind man who saw ‘men walking like trees’(Mark 8:24)  and needed a second touch.

Blind spots

Even those who are disciples of Lord Jesus Christ have blind spots.  These blind spots could vary from person to person.  Some have racial or caste prejudice and could not overcome that in their everyday life.  So, only there are segregated congregations on the basis of caste, class, race, colour etc. The Risen Lord has to touch and open their eyes.

There are blind spots of ‘traditions’, ‘dogma’ and ‘rituals’.  Do not Christians love these more that Lord Himself?  Many times these traditions or rituals were created as tools to understand or worship God better.  Unfortunately, the facilitating tools became the focus and replaced the Object of Worship, Lord Jesus. 

Blinded by misconception

Most probably the disciples on the Emmaus road were blinded by ‘misconception’.  Living in the predominantly Jewish Culture that was challenged by Roman Culture, they believed the Messiah should be a Political hero like David.  And the Messiah should over throw the Roman rule and bring in a reign of peace.  So, they were not sure whether Lord Jesus Christ was the Messiah.  Lord graciously opened their eyes to see Him, the Risen Saviour.

Open Scriptures (Luke 24:32)

Approach with Open Mind

Scriptures are not understood by ‘intellectual mind’ or ‘scientific mind’ but with ‘open mind’.  When the disciples minds were open, the Scriptures are opened up by the Holy Spirit, the author.

Understand Scriptures

The Risen Saviour longs to help us to understand the Scriptures.  In the ever changing world, the only unchanging authority and guide for  to our life is the Bible.  To understand the Scriptures, the Risen Lord is willing to reveal or open the truth to us.  The relevant application of the truth in our lives would set us Free.  The Disciples on Emmaus Road, not only walked in truth, but also in Freedom.

Truth leads to Freedom

When the Scripture is Open to us, we have Freedom.  Freedom from fear, hatred, jealousy, envy, bitterness, confusion, worry, sadness, depression, short-temper, wickedness, sin, sinful habits, vices, greediness, stubbornness, pessimistic thoughts, narrow-mindedness, inferiority complex, arrogance, pride, strife, divisions, suspicions, …etc.


Have you been the Open Tomb to receive the Power of Resurrection?  Did you experience the touch of the Lord, that your Eyes (spiritual inner eyes) are Open to discern God’s wonderful deeds, see His marvelous works, and understand His ways?  Is God’s Word alive in your day-to-day life?  Do you hear His Voice, understand His Will and lean for His guidance when you read and meditate the Word of God?  Live with the Power of Resurrection.