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Tom John, D.Min

Dr. John is an ordained minister and has served as Pastor of India Pentecostal Assembly in Tulsa, Oklahoma, since 1984. His wife Anna and he have two children, Tammy and Jason. He has been an instructor for extension classes of the Berean School of the Bible under the auspices of the Assemblies of God, a telephone prayer partner for KWHB TV 47, and a frequent guest and minister on KDOR TV 17, Tulsa, Oklahoma, appearing on “Call To Prayer,” “Church Spotlight,” and other programs. His ministry goals include evangelism and missions in other nations of the world.

 Articles by this Author

A Call for Unity and Love

LOVE AND UNITY are distinctive marks of Christianity, distinguishing it from any other religion in the world.  Without them Christianity would only be a system of moral and ethical standards, having no substance to sustain its claim that “God is One, and He is love.”  The unity of the Godhead, and love as God’s chief attribute, make God superior to and distinct from all other “gods”. Christianity is not a philosophical religion. Neither is it an organization that simply provides safety and security to those who come under its umbrella. Rather it is an organism that promotes growth and unity, and exhibits the love of God.  Without these essential characteristics Christianity, and as a result, the Indian Christian Community in the United States of America would disintegrate leaving only a skeleton of a dead religion. To avoid any such possible deterioration Christians must maintain a personal relationship with God who is one and who is love.
It is not too late bring back those of our children who are away from church activities, family values, ethics, and morals. They are wondering and wandering their own streets of lives, asking "Who can answer and guide me on the right path of life?" They are traveling on the street of misery, which lies between a hard place and a rock of two cultures, leading to the unpromising back alley of the twin cultures they daily face.