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Ashish Raichur, MS

Raichur is the founder and director of Frontier Missions, an organization working to reach the unreached and teach the untaught in India. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering and a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. He has been preaching and ministering the word of God since he was thirteen years old. While completing his Bachelor’s degree in Manipal, India, he established a student fellowship on the university campus that has since grown to about 200 people. While pursuing his graduate studies in the US he ministered to a variety of ethnic groups including establishing a Spanish church in New Jersey. His wife, Amy, and he have a son, Joshua.

 Articles by this Author

SAM WAS JUST THREE YEARS OLD when his parents immigrated to the USA about fifteen years ago. Sam and his sister Asha, just a year younger, were raised in one of the middle-class townships of New York. Sam is a freshman in a well-known university and Asha will be graduating from high school shortly. Their parents have spent much of their time these fifteen years working their way up the social and economic ladder. Starting with almost nothing they worked long hours and made great sacrifices to have what they do today