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E. C. Samkutty, PhD

E.C.Samkutty, Ph.D., Professor of English Literature, Southern University, Baton Rouge; Author, and Evangelist.

 Articles by this Author

A Memorable Miracle in My Life

This testimony is about an incident that happened during the early years of my life in America. Today is Thursday , April 21, 2010, but my memory is flashing backwards thirty-nine years  to 1972.

Conferences are not Custom-Made

A custom-built product, unlike a mass production item, is one that is made to fit individual specifications.  The manufacturers invest a considerable amount of energy and finances to see that a given product meets the peculiar taste of the individual customer.  For example, a computer can be ordered with or without a DVD player.   In the case of a car, we can choose cruise control or decide to do without it.

Memories: Sweet, Sour and Funny

One of our earlier PCNAK conferences (Houston 1986) was held in a spacious ranch with horses and guard dogs in the compound and vicinity, in addition to the host of mosquitoes that infested the entire area.  Some even spotted snakes in the area between the main conference hall and the living quarters.

Foreword by Dr. Ezhamkulam Samkutty

I Consider it a great honor to introduce this book, Strangers in a Foreign Land: The Indian Christian Community in the United States, compiled and edited by Dr. Thomas Idiculla.

Although the focus of this book is on the Indian  Christians in North America, it will be of great benefit to all Asian Christians in this continent, since it deals with the spiritual and cultural struggles associated with the immigrant experience.