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Dr. J. N. Manokaran

Rev. Dr. J.N. Manokaran served as Junior Engineer with Public Works Department (PWD), Tamil Nadu Government and God called him to ministry.  He served as missionary in Haryana from 1986-1997.  Since 1997 he has been based in Chennai and is involved in training leaders. He has done his theological trainings with B.D., M.Th. and Ph.D.  He has been trained in Coaching and Mentoring, Church Management from renowned global leaders. Presently he serves as trainer and consultant with several organizations like: Trainers of Pastors International Coalition – India, Glocal Leaders Network, Christian Institute of Management, National Prayer Network, Chennai Transformation Network, Mission India and has trained leaders from several organizations like ICGM, Intermission, Mission India, FMPB, IEM, TTM, World Vision, IPC, Christian Assembly, NSM, JMA, ..etc.  He has authored several articles and three books:  1. “Christ and Cities” 2. “Christ and Missional Leaders.”  3. “Christ and Transformational Missions”. 
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 Articles by this Author

Excellent Families

Families are God ordained functional unit of the society.  In the Church also families form dynamic unit.  Strong families indicate a strong nation and a dynamic church.  Satan, in the last days is targeting the family life: breaking families, redefining meaning for families, and promoting sex outside marriage.  Strong families emerge when couples love one another, committed to one another and submit to one another.

Job and Meaning

A highly qualified engineer from India working in US shoots his wife, two children and mother-in-law and shoots himself.  The reason is:  he lost his job and could not find one to take care of his family.  There are several stories like this around the world confirming that the economic recession has triggered murder and suicide.
It is estimated that forty percent of the population in India are children younger than 15 years of age.  One United States study revealed that 85 percent of people who came to Christ, accepting Him as personal Savior, were between 4 and 14 years of age.  That brings a great challenge to reach children.
St. Luke provides panoramic view of the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ in chapter twenty four.  The Open Tomb provides the evidence of Resurrection.  The disciples on the Emmaus road experienced revelation of God’s presence or Opening of their eyes; then Lord Opened the Scriptures to them.  The essence of Easter is: Open Tomb! Open Eyes!! And Open Scriptures!!!
In the run up for Lok Sabha elections 2009, Varun Gandhi an emerging young politician dominated the media for his speeches that were alleged to be hate campaign against minority communities in India especially the Muslims.  Many social leaders, prominent citizens and common people voiced their grave concern over this and condemned the speech.  But, Varun did not have any remorse for his speech, instead defended it.  Later, he said he was victim of political conspiracy.  He made his arrest a public stunt and even inspired violation in the city of Pilibhit.

Womanhood Personified and Celebrated!

Proverbs thirty one chapter gives a tribute to a Performing working mother, entrepreneur, blessing and inspiration for the whole city.  While the leaders of the church debate whether a woman should be confined to home,  or work outside the home; this chapter describes of wife of noble character who is worth far more than rubies (Prov 31:10).  She is a dynamic, energetic and inspiring personality. It gives such laudable tribute that could be listed in a dozen different headings.

Invite, Inform and Involve Lord Jesus

In God’s plan for humanity, family is a key relationship and institution that bring health to society.  God created man, woman and established the first family.  Lord Jesus Christ also did His first miracle in the wedding that happened in the city of Cana.  Apostle John records this and states that it was ‘a miraculous sign’.


A young man is interested in a girl and fell in love with her.  But, some how, he is unable to communicate his intention or feelings with her.  He shares his inner longings with his friend, who devises a way to bring her to him for a lunch.  The boy and girl are alone.  Lust and passion over took his mind, he rapes the girl.  In modern parlance it could be termed as ‘Date rape’.  Then, he rejects her and also hates her with the same intensity he ‘loved’ her.  This is an adapted version of the incident recorded in the Bible.  (II Samuel 13: 1-21)  The victim of this was Tamar and the rapist was Amnon. 

Right self-image

I was one of the panelists to interview a girl for a job in a Christian organization.  She was about 40 years old, single and not much educated.  Her story made me to feel pity for her and also got annoyed that she was so blind that she never thought about her life or future.  Being the eldest among siblings, she felt responsible for her younger brother and sister.  Parents did not earn much to bring up all the three children giving them good education.  She worked hard, sacrificing her studies to put her younger brother and sister into college education.  They studied well, got job, got married and left home.  Mother was sick and the girl had to take care of her for few more years and she also died.  This girl is left alone with her father, with less education, less income and no hope for future; and now the married brother and sister do not even bother to speak with her. 

Living on a higher plane

Once I was in the city of Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka.  Lal Withanage, National Director of Global Action is my good friend.  We usually have long friendly conversations.  One time, I was sharing my life story in which there were many struggles, failures, and deceptions by friends, exploitation by organizations and other painful experiences. 

How do you make decisions?

This is an ancient story.  Israelites were led by Joshua into two magnificent victories – defeating cites of Jericho and Ai on their way to possess the Promised Land. This spread panic around the people in the middle east part of the world.  Gibeonites were one people group who were greatly afraid of invading Israel army, and thought of a deceptive plan.  They did not want to be killed in the war like the citizens of Jericho and Ai.  ‘They went as a delegation whose donkeys were loaded with worn-out sacks and old wine skins, cracked and mended.  The men put worn and parched sandals on their feet and wore old clothes.  All the bread of their food supply was dry and moldy.’  They wanted to have treaty with Israel so that they were not killed.  The Israelites sampled (researched) the provisions and found that it was really old stuff.  May be, they were sympathetic and felt they should make treaty with them.  But Joshua and other leaders failed to enquire of the Lord and made treaty with them.  Three days later they found out that they were not from far of but their neighbours.  So, they made them slaves and not kill them.  (Taken from Joshau 9: 1-22)

Don’t be afraid to dream

I was a doctoral candidate in a very prestigious institute in India.  Though I did many of the required courses for a year, it was derailed by petty politics, sabotage and silly conspiracy.  One of my friends who heard about it came to meet me to offer sympathy.  He was more downcast and disappointed than me.  I said, “I have already written two books.  In the next two three years, I would write few more books.  One of the candidates from this very institution would do his/her Ph.D. thesis on my writings and thoughts – books and articles.  I dream that would be a greater honour instead of worrying about a sabotaged opportunity.”  He was startled and perplexed.

Student Missionaries as Tentmakers

The world has become “global village” and a large number of young people are “global nomads” who roam about crossing national boundaries with ease.  Modern young people seeking upward mobility are ready to cross national borders.  In that process they are willing to adopt new culture, eating habits and work culture. There is a passion for travel and economic independence that drives the youngsters to seek opportunities for education in various International Universities.

Lostness of Humanity

Evangelism focuses on reaching out to people who are lost.  Depravity of human beings is described as ‘lostness’ in the Scripture.  Luke 15 is an interesting chapter on lostness of humanity with three parables told  by Jesus. Pharisees and scribes considered all people as sinners, who were ignorant of the Law. (John 7:49)  The Pharisees opposed and grumbled as they did not appreciate Christ’s love and motive to reach out to sinners. The three parables describe four kinds of people who ought to be evangelized.  The parable of the Lost Coin appeals to women who live indoors, while the parable of the Lost Sheep appeals to men who work outdoors.  The parable of the Lost Sons brings to focus the context of the family. 

Family Relationships

Divorces have increased in India and it is evident in the number of cases for divorce being filed in all courts in India.  Many people believe that it is because of the influence of Western media.  Has urbanization has broken the family lives on Indians?  How has the Church in India responded to this situation?