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Dr. J. N. Manokaran

Rev. Dr. J.N. Manokaran served as Junior Engineer with Public Works Department (PWD), Tamil Nadu Government and God called him to ministry.  He served as missionary in Haryana from 1986-1997.  Since 1997 he has been based in Chennai and is involved in training leaders. He has done his theological trainings with B.D., M.Th. and Ph.D.  He has been trained in Coaching and Mentoring, Church Management from renowned global leaders. Presently he serves as trainer and consultant with several organizations like: Trainers of Pastors International Coalition – India, Glocal Leaders Network, Christian Institute of Management, National Prayer Network, Chennai Transformation Network, Mission India and has trained leaders from several organizations like ICGM, Intermission, Mission India, FMPB, IEM, TTM, World Vision, IPC, Christian Assembly, NSM, JMA, ..etc.  He has authored several articles and three books:  1. “Christ and Cities” 2. “Christ and Missional Leaders.”  3. “Christ and Transformational Missions”. 
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 Articles by this Author

Leadership Excellence

Balancing is a great leadership act of excellence.  In fact, an excellent leader balances and blends the two extremes to bring out brilliant performance.  Lord Jesus Christ model of leadership shows the marvelous balancing of extremes.  Leaders of excellence have the knack to tackle the extremes and bring out creative solutions.  Such leaders enjoy the creative tension caused in the process of balancing and even excel in doing so.

Satyam and Asatyam

It is an irony!  The word 'Satyam' means truth, but the IT company occupied the front pages of newspapers and prime time of television news channels for ?asatyam?, which means untruth or false or fraud.  The Chief of Satyam, B. Ramalinga Raju confessed that he doctored the balance sheets to a tune of about Rs. 7000 crore to keep his company?s reputation, client attraction and stock rates at the highest level for several years.  The country's fourth largest IT Company with 53000 employees - after TCS, Infosys and Wipro and ahead of HCL - was for several years cooking its books by inflating revenues and profits. It was a creative, innovative accounting fraud.  This pulled the stock market down and it would affect more in the coming days.

First Family

Recently a young man shared that he wanted to get married.  He was a Christian for some time and did not have a steady job or income.  I asked him, “Why he wanted to marry?”.  His answer was:  “My mother is getting old.  She is unable to do all her household chores, so she needs a daughter-in-law to work with her.”  Obviously, I replied, “What about having a servant?”  “We have to pay for a servant.”  Then, I replied, “You need unpaid servant for your home?”  This is a typical mindset of people, especially in India.  The misconception of wife as ‘servant’, ‘slave’, ‘sex toy’ and ‘sub-ordinate’ is dominant thinking of people.  But it is not biblical thinking.  By learning about the first couple, it is possible to understand God’s plan for family and principles that govern family life of a Christian. 

Missional challenge of David

The narrative on David and Goliath is one of the best in literature.  Sunday school children enjoy hearing this story repeatedly and even the adults.  David became a hero in the history after he killed Goliath.  When David encountered Goliath, David’s potentials, excellence, and skills were exploited.  Davids are God’s surprises for Goliaths. 

Parable of Mobile Phone

Mobile Phones or cell phones are the new technological innovation that has redefined lives of people.  For some, it is like an umbilical chord not to be detached.  Certainly, it provides mobility with connectivity, a lifestyle aspiration for many Postmodern.  It is possible to be in touch with the beloved ones or office bosses or colleagues while away physically from the familiar environment.  Some times, mobile phones could be a nightmare with unsolicited calls, advertisement calls, and non-essential calls troubling many.  In spite of great technological strides, the mobile phones could be frustrating experience for many at different times.

Upgrading Our Faith

Upgrading skills, knowledge, gadgets, vehicles…etc has emerged as essential task in modern life.  A person could lose his/her job if the skills are not upgraded.  Those who fail to upgrade the knowledge would run the risk of being branded ‘irrelevant’ or ‘incompetent’.  Advertisements scream offering upgradation of all gadgets from computers to mobile phones.  Improved version of vehicles hit the market every day.  In a fast moving world, upgrading is an ongoing progressive progress. 

Stars and Scars

Joseph was a teenager and was loved by his father more than other brothers.  Naturally, this favouritism was resented by his older brothers.  And with that Joseph had dreams from God, informing that Joseph would be a ruler and other brothers would pay homage to him.  That made his brothers envious and wanted to teach him a lesson.  How can a dream be fulfilled when the dreamer himself no longer exist on this earth?  They wanted to get rid of him and they threw him in an unused well and left him to die.  But the eldest brother interfered and brought Joseph out.  But the brothers sold him as slave to traders who were passing that way to another nation.  He ended in Potiphar’s home as a slave, refugee and in a strange culture.  There he had to face sexual harassment allegation by Potiphar’s wife and was thrown in a prison.  In prison, he excelled and helped two servants of Pharaoh to understand their respective dreams and the dreams were truly fulfilled.  But, the friend was forgetful and did not bother to speak on behalf of innocent Joseph.  Another dream of Pharaoh landed Joseph in the Egypt’s court, his interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream and action plan, made him the Chief Executive Officer of Egypt.  Great story!  But, how did Joseph understand this experience and how did he have relationship with his brothers later?