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Rev. Samuel John

Rev. Samuel John, Pastor of Grace Pentecostal Church. Rev. Samuel completed his education from College of Engineering , Trivandrum , Kerala and Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. He is involved in various ministries along with his secular job.

 Articles by this Author

The Power of One!

We have a tendency to emphasize size and numbers; assuming that ministering to an individual is considered somehow less of a ministry than preaching to a capacity crowd under the glare of video cameras. We forget that a society or community is no more worthy than the individuals constituting it. An architect may design a mansion which calls for a million bricks. A mason while building it, cannot use a thousand bricks at a time, or even ten bricks at a time, but just one. When it comes to building God's church, as in building a mansion, you have to deal with ONE at a time. One is the most important number, we have to care about. Jesus, for all what we know, did preach to crowds, but personally built up only a small number of people. This he did not do twelve at a time, or even three at a time, but one at a time. People are complex. They can be influenced in a mass movement but to build them you need one-to-one impartation.