Mumbai -  The friends of well wishers of Social and Evangelical Association of Love (SEAL)  will be meeting at YMCA (small hall) at Ernakulam on 19th March, 2009 at 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm.  Pastor Philip and the First Son of SEAL Reuben will be present in the meeting.
Reuben was nine months old and HIV positive when some social workers got him from Sonapur and handed over to SEAL.  Pastor Philip and Pastor Biju knocked many doors of orphanages and NGOs but none were ready to accept him as he was HIV positive.  Then Pastor Philip had no other alternate except to give him shelter at his own custody, and then he was forced to start a rescue home for such children.
Today SEAL gives shelter to around 50 children and 90 other people infected with different kinds of diseases, mentally retarded and handicapped. Today Reuben is 10 year old and a healthy child though he is still HIV positive. Reuben wanted to visit his Papa's home town Kerala since long, if God allows he can visit the place by next week. Kindly pray for Reuben and all our other residents

SEAL is a Non - Government Organization (NGO) founded by Pastor K. M. Philip on 15th November, 1999, in Mumbai.  The rehabilitation of the destitute and street people is the prime motto of this mission. It started with 2 mats and an HIV positive child in a small rented room. Today, 10 years later SEAL houses new born babies to very old people providing them with shelter, food, clothing and education. The institution is run by a group of committed servants of God with a vision and guidance from above. Besides four assistant pastors, there are a number of volunteers who work round the clock to look after the inmates. They cook the food, give the patients medicines, wash and feed them and tend to their injuries. “Their financial needs are met by the ‘daily bread basis’ by faith and trust in the Lord” says Pastor Philip.

People who are brought here are practically skeletons and suffer from all kinds of diseases. They are received with open arms without any difference to caste, creed or age.  No matter what illnesses they suffer from, the dedicated servants of God treat them all alike with kindness, love and tender care. Mentally and physically abused, mentally retarded, people suffering from Tuberculosis, AIDS, have all found a home at SEAL. No one who needs help and a home is turned away.

SEAL also caters to street children many of whom have run away from their homes for a number of reasons --- self-pity, guilt, poverty, attraction to city life, problems with alcoholic or step parents.  After living on the streets for years, these children get habituated to drugs, stealing, sexual abuse etc.   Even those who miss home and want to return cannot go back for fear and shame.

SEAL visits railway stations and locate these runaways: children and vagabonds, finally lead them to reunification or rehabilitation.

So far, SEAL has reunited 96 lost, runaways with their families all over India. Through networking with other NGOS and with help from local police they trace the whereabouts of the runaways and restore them to their families. SEAL has also grown into a referral place for the police authorities, medical colleges and the public.

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