Sunday School curriculum must be Bible based. It must provide a deeper understanding of the Bible and must be age appropriate. It must also connect with children and their life which is  culturally adaptable and must teach basic Christian principles and doctrines.

What does it do?
Communicates God’s Word to Children
Helps children to understand Biblical principles
Leads children to salvation
Helps children to walk closer with God
Helps a child become a true Christian
Paves the way for  good citizenship, fellowship and discipleship
Transforms students into spiritual champions and missionaries

Your passion for Sunday School
Your knowledge about Sunday School
Your Bible knowledge
Your spiritual growth
Your spiritual gifts
Your strengths
Your  weakness

What do we need to be mindful of when teaching children in Sunday School?
Teens are different-they have different intellectual, emotional, and spiritual traits
You need to know your students: Sunday School teaching is a ministry that wins only through genuine relationship.
Know your lesson objectives
Cognitive – what students ought to know after the lesson
Behavioral – what students ought to do after the lesson
Pray for your students daily that the holy spirit minister to their hearts
Captivate reluctant or indifferent students
Motivate students seeking a deeper relationship with God; and committed to discipleship
Activate students to step out in service to the church and community
Teaching is not just a lecture  but it is an interaction: encourage questions, measure their understanding, generate worksheets, discussions, case studies, questions, role playing, and tests.

Sunday School Teachers Training
We need to equip our Sunday School Teachers with comprehensive training. Sunday Schools Network International (SSNI) has conducted several training in various cities in the last 5 years. These training modules are based on needs and available for churches and can be arranged in various cities upon request. The Training modules are professionally presented with handouts, State of the Art Training Sessions with Audio Visual Aids with several Training Sessions to Choose from.
Introductory Workshop
Combined Teachers & Parents Workshop
Teaching Methods Workshop
Classroom Management
Origin & History of Sunday School
Role of a Sunday School
The Sunday School Teacher
The Jesus Model of Teaching
Elements of Effective Sunday School Teaching
Effective Communication
Contemporary Teaching Methodologies
Handling your difficult students in class
Motivating your students
Conducting Effective Examination

How can you improve your school ministry?
Use bible based curriculum
Arrange annual training for sunday school teachers
Invest time, talents and  resources in our children’s moral and spiritual development
Establish Sunday Schools in needy areas aimed at transforming the lives of our young generation 
Be a resource person for Teacher’s Training, and Networking

For more information about sunday school ministry, curriculum, teachers training, please visit: or call at 781-223-0082