I am a Christian and had the born again experience when I was 12 years old. I have since had an off and on relationship with God (I am in my forties now). First I had many questions and concerns growing up that I did not have answers to. Slowly but surely God has shown me through life experiences the true meaning of Mercy and Grace that flows only through Jesus' blood that was shed or the whole world.

I am now in that phase where I am trying to have a real and closer walk with Jesus rejecting all that is of this World and trying to follow him unconditionally. It is indeed hard to do that but I am trying. The Holy Spirit is revealing to me some of my Sin that I could not see clearly as Sin and I am asking for his Mercy and Grace.

I believe God has a very Specific purpose for my life (as he has for everyone who believes) and I am trying to ask his Guidance to find that out. I believe that God is making me ready for this purpose. So the first step to that is to spend time with God in prayer, everyday and also read the Bible every day (Which I was not doing earlier)

You might ask so what is the purpose of sharing this with the world?

If there is anyone out there reading this and is my similar situation where you have received Christ as your savior and are not able to move forward in your Christian life here is what I would recommend, which is what I am implementing in my life.

1. Let God shine in light deep in your Soul so you can see your own sin. Many Christian are not committing any so called Sin that amounts to a Crime in fact some do not commit socially unacceptable Sin either. It is the socially acceptable or sometimes hidden Sin that cause us to not have a closer walk with Jesus. For e.g. the first temptation of Jesus apparently looks ok to do which was to change Stone to Bread. Most often we Christians fall prey to such schemes of Satan. To follow what apparently looks ok from a human perspective.

2. Set a particular time and a specific length of time to spend with God on a Daily Basis. After all when we work in secular environment we spend specific length of time at work and start work every day at a specific time why not same do or better for King of Kings and Lord of Lord.

3. Read the Bible on a daily basis as it is the light to our footsteps and when tempted we will see through the pitfall as well as by able to Quote the Bible (Spiritual Sword) to fight of Satan and his buddies.

So these are the 3 things that I am trying to adhere to by no means have I mastered this. But once I have mastered this I will be ready to get to the next level spiritually and I will then write about that. I think at that point God put completely expose to me the Purpose of my Life for his Kingdom.