The Communities all over the world have gone through radical changes socially, spiritually and materially over the past two centuries and especially the past two decades. With respect to the latter, the Indian Christian Community in North America and Canada  is no exception.  As the third and fourth generations of the Christian community who are born and brought up in a totally different culture are now ready to enter into family life, there has been an increasing concern over the fast changing practices. Apart from the cultural and generational differences, what is seriously lacking in our communities is a set of written guidelines based on biblical patterns and conservative Christian traditions.

The unprecedented scientific, financial and intellectual growth that our communities have seen has come with a heavy price tag.  Until the beginning of the 20th century societies believed in a Biblical Morality which meant that there is such a thing a right and wrong and people knew why. For the next fifty years societies moved to ‘abiblical morality’. Societies knew there were such things that were right and wrong but did not know why. The 60’s and 70’s saw the influx of immorality where even though people knew that certain things were right and wrong, they did not ‘care’. Since then, the developed as well as developing societies have been under the influence of a state of ‘amorality’ or ‘relative morality’. It simply means that there is no such thing as right or wrong.

The need of the hour is to address the reality in based on the principles of God’s word in a professional way.