Merry Christmas!!! Another very busy year of ministry has all but come to a close. In addition to the ongoing counseling and speaking engagements, we had a series of youth, family, and leadership seminars in USA, Oman, Kuwait and India. These seminars have reached over 5000 people including teens, parents and leaders. I’m getting ready for the next mission trip to India from December 24 to January 10.  The purpose of this trip is to bring pastors, counselors, professionals, parents, and students in responding to the challenging needs of our families. The trip theme, "Counseling as a Mission," challenges the participants and focuses on three major areas: challenges facing our generation, role of counseling in strengthening families, and training of next generation leaders.
Dec 26-28: PYPA Annual Camp, KOTTAYAM
Dec 29: Counseling as a Mission, Thomson Restaurant, THIRUVALLA
Dec 30: Counseling Seminar, India Baptist Theological Seminary, KOTTAYAM
Dec 31: Issues Facing Christina Youth Ministry Today, Hotel Elite International, THRISSUR
Jan 1-2: Bethany Medical Center/Tribal Mission, ATTAPADI
Jan 3: Counseling as a Mission, HYDERABAD
Jan 4: New Horizons Health & Research Foundation, MUMBAI
Jan 4: Christ University, Institute of Management, PUNE
Jan 5: Family Enrichment Seminar, Fellowship Ashram, GUJARAT
Jan 6: Counseling as a Mission Summit, Municipal Town Hall, VYARA, GUJARAT
Jan 7: Counseling as a Mission Summit, Operation Agape, DELHI
Jan 7: Family Enrichment Seminar, The Holy Kingdom Public School, GURGAON
Jan 8: Life Enrichment Seminar, St. Stephen’s College, DELHI
Jan 9: Teens and Teachers Seminar, The Holy Kingdom Public School, GURGAON
Jan 9: Family Seminary, Holy Trinity Church, Dubai
We have an unparalleled opportunity and potential to impact lives of families who are going through difficult situations by helping them wisely, humbly and effectively. Please continue to uphold me and API team in your prayers for a fruitful mission trip beginning December 24.