In the past three decades, the world has seen unprecedented scientific, financial, and intellectual growth, but it has come with a heavy price tag. The Christian family and marriage structure appears to be crumbling, as evident by six major trends:1) marital conflicts; 2) separation, 3) divorce, 4) increase in unmarried cohabitation, 5) changing attitudes about sex, marriage and parenting, alternatives to marriage, unwed childbearing, abortion, extramarital relationships; and 6) computer and internet addiction for virtual pleasure.

The Biblical view of marriage is an exclusive covenant (irrevocable, indissoluble commitment made to each other before God), between one man and one woman, ordained and sealed by God. Though the majority of born again Christians follow a biblical view of marriage, there are some troubling trends that without a doubt should alarm us.

In India, each year there are over 10 million marriages; that is 20 million people get married, and almost all these couples anticipate living happily ever after.  However only a small group continuous in harmonious relationship. The divorce rate in India is increasing among the young married couples, according to a report in Hindustan times. In this context, I would like to share some tips that will nourish and cherish our marriage and relationships.

Premarital counseling is targeted toward couples in committed relationships who are planning to marry in the future. It can improve marital outcomes. It can help identify weaknesses that could become bigger problems during marriage. Premarital preparation can help reduce the possibility of divorce. People requesting premarital counseling should expect to learn about themselves to some extent and about their relationship with each other. Premarital Counseling is designed primarily to enhance intimacy in relationships. Traditional churches and societies have rarely been involved in providing premarital counseling topics such as intimacy, sexuality and sex education. This is designed to assist the couple in enhancing their relationship, rather than being a screening process. Premarital counseling is more effective through joint sessions over individual sessions. Many invest more time and energy in creating the “marriage event” rather than building the relationship. Couples typically spend 6-12 months preparing for the wedding ceremony, but pay little attention to building skills for a lasting marriage.  Prepare and Enrich is one of the most widely used and validated marriage assessment tools to strengthen marriage. It is an online assessment program that the couples can take to help to identify their unique strengths and potential growth areas of your relationship.

Overall, Christian Counseling is a pressing need in our community today. With the resources available to individuals, couples, families, and churches, today, people are able to overcome many family situations they are faced with and will be able to do so upon a biblical basis through the guidance and support of Christian counselors. Through the Christian Counseling training that is provided today, Pastors and committed Christians can learn how to help people from all walks and stages of life find healing and restoration in their lives through Jesus Christ.