A one day Counseling Summit was held on January 6, at  Vyara Town Hall in Guajrat. The purpose of this summit was to bring pastors, counselors, professionals, and anyone with a passion for counseling, around the concept of counseling as a mission and responding to the challenging needs of our families from a Christian perspective.
The summit theme, "Counseling as a Mission," empowers the participants and focused on three major areas: challenges facing our generation, role of counseling in strengthening families, and training of leaders. This summit provided a great opportunity to interact with other counselors, Pastors, Teachers and Women leaders and featured the latest resources and approaches to equip the participants in the areas of marriage, parenting, and mental health. Dr. Thomas Idiculla, PhD, was the key note speaker for this summit.  Dr Idiculla said, through compassionate counseling, and innovative educational programs, together we can make a profound difference in the lives of many individuals, families, and churches. Dr Sam Jebenth from Kuwait and Mukesh Azad from New Delhi also lead various sessions.
The summit was organized under the leadership of Raju Gamit and his team. The participants given positive feedback about the summit and several participants signed up for API online counseling course.
Agape Partners International (API) was founded as a nonprofit Christian Counseling organization in 1997. It’s a network of Christian Professionals providing free confidential counseling, and dedicated to Asian families in the US and around the world through education, counseling, seminars, research and publications. Dr. Thomas Idiculla  serves the President and Rev. Leslie Verghese serves as the Executive Director.