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    Job and Meaning

    A highly qualified engineer from India working in US shoots his wife, two children and mother-in-law and shoots himself.  The reason is:  he lost his job and could not find one to take care of his family.  There are several stories like this around the world confirming that the economic recession has triggered murder and suicide.

    Conferences are not Custom-Made

    A custom-built product, unlike a mass production item, is one that is made to fit individual specifications.  The manufacturers invest a considerable amount of energy and finances to see that a given product meets the peculiar taste of the individual customer.  For example, a computer can be ordered with or without a DVD player.   In the case of a car, we can choose cruise control or decide to do without it.

    Malayalam-English Lyrics - 3

    Malayalam-English Lyrics - 3

    Jesus and the Immigrant

    A story circulating on the Internet reached my inbox recently.  Written by an anonymous Indian software engineer, it describes the high hopes and dreams he had in immigrating to the United States.  He lands a good job, hurriedly returns to India to marry, jets back to the U.S. with his bride and starts a family.  He plans to go back home so his parents can see their grandchildren, but one thing or another prevents that.  Finally word reaches him that his parents have passed on and only the neighbors were there to take care of them.

    Sitting by the Well

    How many times do we have to go through a period of hibernation, a time that no one knows us about? A time when we think that the plan and purpose of God in our lives is never coming to fruition? A time when we blame circumstances, our own destiny and are willing to quit? Moses had that situation in his life. We see him sitting by a well, disenchanted, disillusioned, disappointed, and discouraged. Who is this Moses and how did he end up in such a predicament?

    Memories: Sweet, Sour and Funny

    One of our earlier PCNAK conferences (Houston 1986) was held in a spacious ranch with horses and guard dogs in the compound and vicinity, in addition to the host of mosquitoes that infested the entire area.  Some even spotted snakes in the area between the main conference hall and the living quarters.

    Stars and Scars

    Joseph was a teenager and was loved by his father more than other brothers.  Naturally, this favouritism was resented by his older brothers.  And with that Joseph had dreams from God, informing that Joseph would be a ruler and other brothers would pay homage to him.  That made his brothers envious and wanted to teach him a lesson.  How can a dream be fulfilled when the dreamer himself no longer exist on this earth?  They wanted to get rid of him and they threw him in an unused well and left him to die.  But the eldest brother interfered and brought Joseph out.  But the brothers sold him as slave to traders who were passing that way to another nation.  He ended in Potiphar’s home as a slave, refugee and in a strange culture.  There he had to face sexual harassment allegation by Potiphar’s wife and was thrown in a prison.  In prison, he excelled and helped two servants of Pharaoh to understand their respective dreams and the dreams were truly fulfilled.  But, the friend was forgetful and did not bother to speak on behalf of innocent Joseph.  Another dream of Pharaoh landed Joseph in the Egypt’s court, his interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream and action plan, made him the Chief Executive Officer of Egypt.  Great story!  But, how did Joseph understand this experience and how did he have relationship with his brothers later?

    Right self-image

    I was one of the panelists to interview a girl for a job in a Christian organization.  She was about 40 years old, single and not much educated.  Her story made me to feel pity for her and also got annoyed that she was so blind that she never thought about her life or future.  Being the eldest among siblings, she felt responsible for her younger brother and sister.  Parents did not earn much to bring up all the three children giving them good education.  She worked hard, sacrificing her studies to put her younger brother and sister into college education.  They studied well, got job, got married and left home.  Mother was sick and the girl had to take care of her for few more years and she also died.  This girl is left alone with her father, with less education, less income and no hope for future; and now the married brother and sister do not even bother to speak with her.