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    What was initially created as a nerve tonic, stimulant and a headache remedy in 1886 became a world renowned brand today; Coke. Most of us enjoyed a can of Coke at one time or the other in life! Right? But how many of us know what the vision and the mission of the Coca-Cola Company is? Here is how they look at the future and their mission statement:

    “Get Real”: Become a World Christian

    As followers of Jesus Christ, we need to wake up and understand the enormous responsibility that our Lord has placed upon us - to reach our world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This articles explores the way how we can become a 'World Christian' as per our Lord's command.

    Missions Trip 2008

    Agape planned its first ever overseas missions trip trusting fully in the master. As the team prayed and planned this trip, the main goals were to strengthen youths and families, empower and families and churches for missions and establish unity among believers. Thomas,Leslie, Kris and Debra joined hands with scores of ministers and lay leaders as the team crisscrossed UK, UAE and India in a three week whirlwind tour.

    Student Missionaries as Tentmakers

    The world has become “global village” and a large number of young people are “global nomads” who roam about crossing national boundaries with ease.  Modern young people seeking upward mobility are ready to cross national borders.  In that process they are willing to adopt new culture, eating habits and work culture. There is a passion for travel and economic independence that drives the youngsters to seek opportunities for education in various International Universities.

    Missional challenge of David

    The narrative on David and Goliath is one of the best in literature.  Sunday school children enjoy hearing this story repeatedly and even the adults.  David became a hero in the history after he killed Goliath.  When David encountered Goliath, David’s potentials, excellence, and skills were exploited.  Davids are God’s surprises for Goliaths.