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    It is estimated that forty percent of the population in India are children younger than 15 years of age.  One United States study revealed that 85 percent of people who came to Christ, accepting Him as personal Savior, were between 4 and 14 years of age.  That brings a great challenge to reach children.
    Being a parent of three girls (two of them being teenagers now) and living in a very promiscuous and liberal US society, we find that it is a real challenge to give a proper ‘education’ to our children. Like so many other Indian parents who have immigrated to the United States hoping to provide a better ‘education’ to our children, my wife Nissy and I have been dismayed to find ourselves battling a tidal wave of cultural and social differences in the likes that we have never seen before.
    Parental verbal abuse often wound children so deeply that the effects remain apparent into young adulthood.  Furthermore, it is noted that verbal abuse contributes towards more serious psychological complexities greater than that caused by physical abuse. Parental verbal abuse during childhood can scar brain deeply.
    The greatest challenge that Asian immigrants(especially Indian Immigrants from strong Christian backgrounds)  face in the United States is Parenting. The inability to cope with their children being raised in a different culture and system of living contribute to this problem extensively. Immigrant Christian parents often fail to realize that our children are subjected to liberal views from the school system, the media, and their peers.
    Today, as a community of believers, we are confronted with issues which many Indian parents in the past have preferred to avoid. Despite all of our achievements in education, careers, missionary activities and church, I should say we’re in a mess. We lack love and unity. Yes, we have a crisis today, our families are pitching and rolling like ships on a stormy sea. I am anxious to shed light on why that crisis exists and where the family is headed.
        * Teen pregnancy 2, 795 daily
        * Teen abortions 1, 106 daily
        * Miscarriages 372 daily
        * Live births 1, 295 daily
        * Sexually active 7, 742 more daily
    It is not too late bring back those of our children who are away from church activities, family values, ethics, and morals. They are wondering and wandering their own streets of lives, asking "Who can answer and guide me on the right path of life?" They are traveling on the street of misery, which lies between a hard place and a rock of two cultures, leading to the unpromising back alley of the twin cultures they daily face.

    Overcoming Worries in Family Life

    It was after the youth meeting, the parents gathered downstairs for coffee, the conversation turned to their children’s latest accomplishments. Mathew’s son was finishing medical school. George’s daughter was already a cardiologist. Abraham spoke once more about how much money his daughter was making at that law firm downtown. One of them turned to Chacko, “What about your son? What is he doing anyway?” Chacko tried to laugh it off. The truth was that he was worried. His son had dropped out of college after the first year. Chacko was very concerned that his son just wasn’t turning out right.