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In 1998, Agape Partners International showcased its first publication venture-Strangers in a Foreign Land. This was essentially the first of its kind book in systematically identifying the struggles of survival and related issues of the Indian Christian Community in the United States edited by Dr. Thomas Idiculla. Various eminent writers from different walks of life presented their views with facts and figures in this book. Bible Scholars, Bible School Students, and Researchers on Ethnic Issues have benefited immensely from this book during the past decade. (Contributors)

Ten years have passed and Agape Partners International is proud to present the revised edition of this publication due to popular demand. During this past decade, Agape Partners International expanded its horizons to two distinct but important areas of ministry, namely Agape Counseling Network and Agape Missions. The Agape Counseling Network has continued to focus on protecting and preserving the sanctity of God ordained institutions such as Family and Marriage by conducting seminars, symposiums, surveys, researches etc. In the coming years, CAN proposes to work with like minded organizations in forming a network of trained Christian Counselors in the USA to help the young generation to deal with the issues of life that they are facing.  Agape Missions Network has been involved in training native missionaries to be pioneer workers in Gujarat, India and also in helping destitute children by providing them with free boarding, food, and education.

    Foreword by Dr. Ezhamkulam Samkutty

    I Consider it a great honor to introduce this book, Strangers in a Foreign Land: The Indian Christian Community in the United States, compiled and edited by Dr. Thomas Idiculla.

    Although the focus of this book is on the Indian  Christians in North America, it will be of great benefit to all Asian Christians in this continent, since it deals with the spiritual and cultural struggles associated with the immigrant experience.



    Thomas Idiculla, Ph.D., is the founder and President of Agape Family Ministries International. He is currently pursuing a doctoral program in Clinical Social Work at Boston College, Boston. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Kerala, and Master’s degree in Social Work and Doctoral degree in Sociology from Indore University. He also worked  as Assistant Professor in Social Work at Indore University, and Research Consultant at Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Boston. He received the Young Social Scientist Award in 1992 from the Madhya Pradesh State Government. He has contributed several articles to various Indian Christian publications. Thomas, his wife Suja, and children  Miriam, Stephen, Jeremy, and Aaron attend India Pentecostal Assembly of Boston in Waltham, (Boston) Massachusetts.


    Sam Kannampally, Ph.D., works as a Post-doctoral Research Associate in the Chemistry Department, Tufts University, Massachusetts. He received his B.S. from the University of Kerala, M.S. from Agra University, and Ph.D. from Tufts University, Massachusetts, in Chemistry. In addition to research publications in his professional field, he is a contributor of articles to various Christian.  His wife, Jessie, and he have two children, Anita and Vineeta.

    Philip Thomas, M.S., is the Worship Leader at Full Gospel Assembly of God in Toronto, Canada. He has also served as the Worship Leader at India Pentecostal Assembly of God, Waltham, and (Boston) Massachusetts. He received his Bachelor’s degree (Computer Science) from Brandeis University, MA, and Master’s degree (Computer Information Systems) from Boston University. He is employed as a Consulting Manager at Digital Equipment Corporation. He has spoken at conventions, conferences, youth seminars, and church meetings in the US, Canada, UAE, and India. His wife, Jejee, and he have two sons, Daniel and Joel.