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The Curriculum

Apply - Certificate in Christian Counseling

Level I: Introduction to counseling (12 weeks-Basic Certification)

Level II: Marriage and Family counseling (12 weeks-Intermediate Certification) 
I. Introduction: 
What is counseling? Course introduction, Types of Counseling, Ethics and Values in Counseling
Biblical foundations: OT basis, NT basis, Holy Spirit and Counseling
Counseling Approaches: Person, Problem, Process

I. The Foundations of Christian Marriage and Family Marriage and Family - The Divine DesignTraditional, Modern and Biblical Marriage  
Parenting - God's Purpose and Man's Mandate
II. Common Mental Health Problems (Symptoms, Cause, Effect and Management)
II. Pre-marital Counseling Marriage - A Divine Covenant and a Lifelong CommitmentPreparing for the Wedding DayPure Intimacy 
III. Major Mental Health Problems
Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Computer and Internet Addiction

III.  Marriage Counseling Couples Assessment Skills and Models - Communication, Decision Making and Conflict ResolutionSeparation, Divorce, Remarriage
IV. Family Counseling
Marriage: God's Design 
Parenting: Role of Parents 
Youth: Potential and Challenges
IV. Parent Counseling
Lifespan Development
Perspectives on Parenting
Raising children with special needs

Apply - Certificate in Christian Counseling

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