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API is pleased to provide a Christian advice and support to all who are in need. The service is obviously limited in its scope since the only communication between this ministry and people requesting assistance is via E-mail/Phone at this time. Therefore, our service should not be construed in any way to be a substitute for direct professional counseling. Should you or someone you know be confronted with an emergency situation requiring immediate action in order to prevent physical, mental, or emotional injury to an individual or group of people, contact competent professional assistance immediately.

Violations of local, state, or federal laws should be reported to the appropriate law enforcement body in your area. Remember, we ARE our brothers' keepers! We are all God's children! Should we observe anyone being subjected to possible harm, it is our duty to take appropriate action. Should you wish to avail yourself of this service, please contact us at: Phone# 781-223-0082; or 917 669 0275; email:counsel@agapepartners.org. Depending upon the nature of your need or problem, we may refer to a professional counselor for specific service. The service is provided free of charge, out of God's love for His children. There is no obligation associated with the service.

How do I know if I need Christian coaching? Deciding whether to seek coaching is usually a difficult decision. What is considered an inconvenience by one person could be a crisis to another. Different people tolerate levels of pain differently. But, there are times when coaching should always be considered. At times other than personal crises, whether or not to seek coaching is entirely a personal decision. Counseling involves both correction (trying to change what is not working) and enhancement (trying to improve what is already positive). Christian coaching provides a way for clients to restore their emotional, spiritual, and mental health. Christian Counselors have the experience, training, and objectivity to help the restoration process move faster than process adopted that are not professional help. If you are not satisfied with how you are managing your life, if the pain you are experiencing is too great, or if you feel stuck and do not know how to move forward, consider seeking professional help. In simple terms, coaching enables you to transform how you see yourself. The Bible says; without consultation plans are frustrated, But with many counselors they succeed (Proverbs 15:22). Are you, your marriage, or your family not looking so good right now?. Are you feeling stuck, alone, or hopeless? Talking to a Christian counselor can help.

API Coaching Approach: API provides information and guidance and referral for people with marital or family problems; loss; and/or stress related issues, by Christian Counselors. We are dedicated to providing coaching counseling based on a Christian worldview. The principles we offer are consistent with Biblical teaching. It is our goal that you will encounter new perspectives which results in seeing yourself the way God sees you. All communication is held in strict confidence. Some of the counseling techniques that we often use are as follows: Compassionate listening, Biblical principles, Direct questions, Agape love, Sharing insights and support, Help to find the root causes of issues, Assessing the willingness to change in the positive direction and the Willingness to see things and people differently .

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Teenage Issues: Parent Teen Adjustment, Rebellion, Low Self-esteem, Hopelessness Pre-marital Issues: Dating, Courtship, Loneliness, Getting Ready for Marriage, Sexual Maturity Marriage Issues: Emotional and Sexual Intimacy, Leaving, Cleaving or Bonding, Setting Limits, Separation, Divorce, Infidelity, Lack of Trust, Unresolved Conflicts, Lack of Commitment, Loneliness, Reconciliation, Communication, Financial Accountability Aging Issues: Loneliness, Adjustment problems, Retirement, Declining Health, Empty Nest Syndrome.

Addiction: Internet, Pornography, Computer Games, Food, Gambling, Money Grief or Adjusting to Loss: Infertility, Miscarriage, Death, Divorce, Job Loss, Declining Health Faith and Spirituality: Feeling Guilt or Condemnation, Feeling Unlovable, Lack of Connection with God, Poor Financial Stewardship, Lack of Purpose or Significance.

Other commonIssues: Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Lack of Contentment, Low Self-esteem, Fears, Worrying, Lack of Confidence, Vocational Choices, Setting Limits, Stress, Feeling Insignificant, Too Dependent, Too Independent, Emotional Pain, Need to Grow up Emotionally, Anger - Domestic issues, Anger - Lack of Self-control, Anger - Temper or Rage, Anger - Feeling, and Guilt. Should you wish to avail yourself of this service, please contact us at: Phone# 781-223-0082; 917-669-0275; email:counsel@agapepartners.org. The information contained in API Web pages is provided solely for your education and enrichment. Internet users are ultimately responsible for their use of the information gained from these Web pages. API makes no warranty of any kind in regard to the content, safety, and usefulness of the pages.