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C01/Introduction to Christian Counseling/Course Orientation

Leave this transformational programme as a well-rounded global leader ready to thrive and succeed in today’s business environment. Your ability to achieve and act – both independently and as a member of a multicultural team anywhere in the world – is what will make you stand out. Benefit from our outstanding reputation in thought leadership and be challenged by a host of different experiences. Enjoy a curriculum that can be tailored specifically to support your career path and choose whether to finish the programme in 15, 18 or 21 months. Immerse yourself in integrated project work, international exchanges, internships and a diverse range of electives. Above all, learn to thrive in today’s complex business environment and emerge as a well-rounded global leader, someone with the ability to act and succeed anywhere in the world.

Course Syllabus
  • Level I: Introduction to counseling

    (12 weeks-Basic)

    I. Introduction: 
    What is counseling? Types, Ethics and Values
    Biblical foundations
    Counseling Approaches

    II. Common Mental Health Problems 

    II. Major Mental Health Problems
    Alcohol and Substance Abuse
    Computer and Internet Addiction

    IV. Family Counseling
    Marriage: God's Design 
    Parenting: Role of Parents 
    Youth: Potential and Challenges

    Level II: Marriage and Family counseling

    (12 weeks-Intermediate)  

    I. The Foundations of Marriage and Family  Marriage and Family - The Divine Design
    Traditional, Modern and Biblical Marriage  
    Parenting - God's Purpose and Man's Mandate

    II. Pre-marital Counseling  Marriage - A Divine Covenant and a Lifelong Commitment
    Preparing for the Wedding Day
    Pure Intimacy

    III.  Marriage Counseling  Couples Assessment 
    Conflict Resolution
    Separation, Divorce, Remarriage

    IV. Parent Counseling
    Lifespan Development
    Perspectives on Parenting Raising children with special need

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