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Agape Ministry Overview

Agape Partners International was founded as a nonprofit Counseling organization in 1997. It’s a network of Professionals dedicated to families in the US and around the world through counseling, seminars, training, consultation, research, and publications. Through "Counseling as a Mission,” we focus on three major areas: 1) the role of counseling in strengthening families and marriages; 2) relevance of family seminars to bring the awareness about the challenges facing our generation; and 3) the need for equipping leaders with resources they needed.  For more information about the tripartite missions of agape partners - counseling, seminars, and training, please see this video clip: Counseling as Mission

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Certificate in Christian Counseling

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API Seminar Series

Agape Partners’ marriage enrichment seminar is one of the most popular seminars in the Indian community.  This unique seminar presents Challenges Facing Couples and offers insight and practical solutions. This seminar will also empower couples to cultivate a right perspective towards  marriage and how to build a happy and successful marriage. . Since 1997, thousands of couples in the USA, Canada, Britain, Middleast, and India have been benefited from these seminars.

API’s parenting seminar offers encouragement, insight, and practical solutions to empower parents to raise responsible, and confident children using biblical principles, and psychological understanding. The parenting seminar will help you to identify your unique parenting style and personality to improve the parent child relationship.

The LEADERSHIP SEMINAR is a unique, seminar using Christian, and management principles. It empowers leaders with relevant insights and practical skills to strengthen family and church and/or organizations.
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Counseling Summit in Kerala

A half day Counseling Summit was held on December 29 at Oyster Convention Center in Thiruvalla. The purpose of this summit was to bring pastors, counselors, professionals, and anyone with a passion for counseling, around the concept of counseling as a mission and responding to the challenging needs of our families from a Christian perspective. The summit theme, "Counseling as a Mission," empowers the participants and focused on three major areas: challenges facing our generation, role of counseling in strengthening families, and training of leaders. This summit provided a great opportunity to interact with other counselors, Pastors, Professors and Women’s group and featured the latest resources and approaches to equip the participants in the areas of marriage, parenting, and mental health. Dr. Thomas Idiculla was the key note speaker for this summit.  Dr Idiculla said, through compassionate counseling, and innovative educational programs, together we can make a profound difference in the lives of many individuals, families, and churches. 


There were four panels representing Pastors, professional counselors, professors, and women's group including  Rev. Abey Peter (IPCKTS), Rev. Saju Joseph (IBC), Dr. Saji Kumar, KP (IBTS), Prof Salomey George,Susy Johnson and  Rev Johnson Daniel (CoG), Dr. Peter Joy (ICPF), Saji Munukottakal (Agape Counselling, Prof TM George (ICPF), Rev. Johnson Daniel (New Life Seminary), Mercy Luke and Sherly Chacko (IBC), CV Jacob (Rise and build ministries), Girija Sam, Philip Cherian (Formation ), Sinoj George (Life Enrichment Center). KP Thomas (IPC).


Agape Partners International (API) was founded as a nonprofit Christian Counseling organization in 1997. It’s a network of Christian Professionals providing free confidential counseling, and dedicated to Asian families in the US and around the world through education, counseling, seminars, research and publications. Dr. Thomas Idiculla serves the President and Rev. Leslie Verghese serves as the Executive Director.

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Leadership and Counseling Seminars-India

Dec 26-28, PYPA Youth Camp, Kottayam
Dec 29, Counselling Seminar, Thiruvalla
Dec 30, Counselling Seminar, IBTS, Kottayam
Dec 31, Leadership Seminar, (ESAF & EGF), Hotel Elite International, Near Ragam Theatre, Thrissur
Jan 2, Counseling Seminar, NLBS Cheruvakkal
Jan 3,  AMSRI Shamira, Secunderabad
Jan 4, New Horizons Health & Research Foundation, Mumbai
Jan 4, Christ University, Institute of Management, Pune
Jan 5, Yatri Nivas Hotel, Silvasa
Jan 5, Fellowship School Auditorium, Navsari, Gujarat
Jan 6, Leadership Summit, Vyara, Gujarat
Jan 7, Counselling Summit, Operation Agape, Delhi
Jan 7, Family Seminar, Gurgaon
Jan 8, Life Enrichment Seminar, Delhi.
Jan 9, Holy Kingdom Public School, Gurgaon
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Counseling as a Mission Summit - Kerala

A Counseling Consultation will be held on December 29, 2016 at the Thomson Food Mall, Near Municipal Stadium, Thiruvalla. The purpose of this consultation is to bring pastors, counselors, professionals, parents, students, and others around the concept of counseling as a mission and responding to the challenging needs of our families. The consultation theme, "Counseling as a Mission," challenges the participants and focuses on three major areas: challenges facing our generation, role of counseling in strengthening families, and training of leaders. Registration is on first come, first serve basis! Don’t miss out! Limited seats. 
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Youth Ministry Seminar in Thrissur

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Counselling as a Mission: Delhi 2017

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Seminars in US, Muscat, Kuwait and India-2016

Dec 25-29, PYPA State Camp, Kottayam
Oct 6-8, Youth/Family Seminars, Kuwait
Oct 01, Family Seminars, Hartford, CT
Sep 25, Family Seminar, Chicago, IL
Sep 24, Prepare/Enrich Training, Chicago, IL
Sep 18, Parenting Seminars, NFC, Mumbai
Sep 17, Family Seminars, HOPE, Mumbai
Sep 12-13, National Conf., OPA, Muscat
Sep 10-11, Youth Conf., OPA, Muscat
Aug 5-7, BCA Family Retreat, Rumney, NH
Jul 29-31, IPC Family Conf. Ft Laurderdale, FL
Jul 15-17, MarThoma Diocesan Conf, Chicago, IL
Jun 30-July 3, PCNAK, Dallas, TX
Apr 21-23, IPC Leadership Conf., Dallas, TX
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Keys for Building a Strong Marriage

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