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Counseling Network

In spite of the increasing number of family and teenage conflicts, there is no formal body or organization that deals with the issues of  teenagers and parents of the Indian community.  Agape Partners International focuses on creating an awareness among the people about the need of the hour through seminars, open surveys and publications. Agape Counseling Network (ACN) is a group of committed Christians working together to provide Christian counseling to various Indian community and other ethnic groups. ACN is committed to the Lord Jesus Christ and believes that counseling is vain unless it is founded upon and directed by the Word of God.

ACN’s Current Tasks

  -   Establishing a Network of  Trained Asian Indian Christian Counselors
  -   Conducting Seminars, and Symposiums for Young People  and Families and Sunday School Teachers
  -  Training of Youth Leaders and Pastors and laymen and women who have  a call for Christian counseling
  -  Conducting Awareness campaigns for healthy marriage practices, AIDS prevention, and Communal PEACE
  -  Publishing Online and Printed Resources to help propagate the need for preserving the integrity of  the God ordained institutions such as Marriage, Family and Church.
   - Working in liaison with churches and other Christian Organizations in providing needed resources.

ACN - Christian Coaching Team
Thomas Idiculla, PhD
Leslie Verghese, LCSW-R
George Kurian, PhD
Selin Philip, M.Ed. (Counseling)
Liza Issac, MA (Clinical Psychology)
Shibu Cherian, DMin

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