Agape Partners International       


Your Partnership 
There are different ways you or your church can get involved: missionary partnership, host team and financial partnership. Your financial support gifts can help us show the love of God to His precious lost people. We need partners who will pledge to support us on a monthly basis. As little as $25 or $50 or $100 or more a month when combined with the gifts of others can go a long way to covering our ministry expenses. Please don't choose to not participate because you think your gift is too small. Above all, we need your fervent and unceasing prayer as it is prayer that moves mountains.


I pledge $20/  for API Research and Publications (you will get a FREE copy of our revised Book Strangers in a Foreign Land)
I Pledge $ 50/ month for sponsoring a Bible student
I will sponsor a part time counselor ($100 per month)
I will sponsor a full time counselor in a Counseling Center ($250/month)
I will sponsor a Marriage/Parenting/Youth Seminar-annual ($500)
I am sending a onetime gift $_______
Please contact us today and become a partner with us by giving us a call, and we’ll be happy to let you know how you can get involved. We are available to come to your church/organization and present the mission project. We would appreciate your thoughts and ideas!

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