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The PARENTING SEMINAR, a unique half-day or one-day workshop for Indian parents of children of all ages offers encouragement, insight and practical solutions for Christian parenting in a secular world. This seminar is based on biblical principles, cultural relevance, and psychological knowledge. This seminar will empower Indian parents to raise responsible, confident, and godly children in a changing world.

Parents will learn effective ways to:

Help train children to  interact positively with family, church, and the community
Provide encouragement, insight and practical solutions for Christian parenting in a secular world
Help train children to develop a biblical understanding of morality and purpose of life
Address social  and moral challenges using biblical  and psychological principles of communication;

Other Seminar Topics

· Family and Parenting - Family Dynamics, Parenting Styles, Present Day Challenges and Biblical Solutions

· Stress and Anger Management - Biblical vs. Secular Perspectives and Practical Strategies

· Internet Safety - Practical Guidelines for Young People to Escape the WWW Trap

· Negative Influence of Television on Kids - Available Safety Nets for Parents

· Marriage - Choice of Partner; The Christian Mandate

· Changing Perspectives of Marriage in the Indian Christian Community

· Marriage - Design, Purpose and Process

· Model ‘Wedding’ - Suggested Outline for a ‘Modest’ Ceremony

· Marriage - Conflict Resolution Strategies; Practical Guidelines

· The Five Fold Ministry - Essentials for a Healthy Church

2010 Seminars 

Oct  15-18  India Mission Trip, Family and Leadership Seminars and Medical Camps

Oct  8-9    Family/Leadership seminar, Hyderabad India

Sep 5-6    Missions Boot Camp, Ringgold, PA

Aug 7-9    IPAB Retreat, Rumney, NH

July 30-Aug 1 iCare Counseling Network, Concordia College, New York

July 1-4    PCNAK, Houston, TX

June 24-27  IPC Family Conference, Rochester, NY

June 19-20  Christian Seminar, Richmond, VA
May 29     Sunday School Teachers Training, New York

April 20    Consultation on Youth Challenges (National Conference Call)

Apr 14-17  Ethnic America Network, Boston Summit, Boston, MA

Mar 13      South Asian Prayer Fellowship, YWAM Boston

Jan 15-17  API Vision Sharing, New York

2009 Seminars

June 19    Family Seminar, Floral Park, NY

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