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A unique, one-day training program seminar based on human interaction patterns in family, church, school, and/or work place. It uses both psychological and management principles. It empowers leaders, pastors, and/or professionals with relevant insights and practical skills to strengthen family and church and/or organizations. It is also designed for audiences of any size and can be flexibly formatted into one session or as a multi-session event. Since 1997, thousands of leaders and couples worldwide have been benefited from these seminars.

API has been doing this free of charge as a service to our community. However, any honorarium given will be used to cover the travel, accommodation, and the mission work in India. Registration fee for attendees is totally up to the organizing group/institution/individual. Some choose to make it a free event, but to defray expenses, most charge an affordable registration fee and/or take an offering at the sessions. If you DO decide to charge, 100% of the registration fees or offerings will be used to cover the seminar expenses or the charity work in India. Limited sponsorships are available to seminars organized in India to cover the cost of facility, food, publicity ,and related expenses.

Should you wish to avail yourself of this service, please contact us . There is no obligation associated with the service.

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