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  • Name Dr. J. N. Manokaran

  • Designation Department (PWD)

  • Posted On 01-11-2009


Rev. Dr. J.N. Manokaran served as Junior Engineer with Public Works Department (PWD), Tamil Nadu Government and God called him to ministry. He served as missionary in Haryana from 1986-1997. Since 1997 he has been based in Chennai and is involved in training leaders. He has done his theological trainings with B.D., M.Th. and Ph.D. He has been trained in Coaching and Mentoring, Church Management from renowned global leaders. Presently he serves as trainer and consultant with several organizations like: Trainers of Pastors International Coalition – India, Glocal Leaders Network, Christian Institute of Management, National Prayer Network, Chennai Transformation Network, Mission India and has trained leaders from several organizations like ICGM, Intermission, Mission India, FMPB, IEM, TTM, World Vision, IPC, Christian Assembly, NSM, JMA, ..etc. He has authored several articles and three books: 1. “Christ and Cities” 2. “Christ and Missional Leaders.” 3. “Christ and Transformational Missions”. View all articles by Dr. J. N. Manokaran

Don’t be afraid to dream
  • Parable

    I was a doctoral candidate in a very prestigious institute in India. Though I did many of the required courses for a year, it was derailed by petty politics, sabotage and silly conspiracy. One of my friends who heard about it came to meet me to offer sympathy. He was more downcast and disappointed than me. I said, “I have already written two books. In the next two three years, I would write few more books. One of the candidates from this very institution would do his/her Ph.D. thesis on my writings and thoughts – books and articles. I dream that would be a greater honour instead of worrying about a sabotaged opportunity.” He was startled and perplexed. One poor boy used to stand outside the office of a Newspaper in New York and dreamt to become its editor one day. And the dream came true. One village boy was fascinated by the airplanes and wanted to become a pilot. His dream was fulfilled and he added Pilot as his surname. A young boy saw his father was murdered and the officials did not act, he owed to become an official and bring those murderers and guilty officials to book. His dream came true.

  • Passage

    “Where there is no vision, people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18) “Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope: Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” (Lamentations 3:21-23)

  • Principle

    Dreams could be creative imagination about the future. Vision is foreseeing the future. It needs lot of courage, guts, and faith to foresee the future. Dreams could be building castles in the air or day dreams, if it is just fancy imagination and fascination. True dreams open up potentials to realize those very dreams. Wright brothers inspired by flying birds could creatively imagine that human beings also could fly and invented the airplane that revolutionized the modern world. Dreams provide hope for future. When the dreams are believed and acted upon, it provides hope for the future, excitement for the present and clear deliverance from the past. Future hope inspires the present. The survivors in adverse circumstances claimed that they dreamed of meeting their beloved ones, when the ordeal is over helped them. Those who did not have similar dream or hope perished in loneliness and hopelessness. Our daughter shared her experience: She landed in Moscow where she did not know anyone or Russian language. The first 24 hours she did not have any food to eat. “I knew that I am here to become a Medical Missionary. This is the first hurdle to cross for my future hope. The dream of becoming a doctor sustained me in that trying moment.” Dreams provide purpose for life. Dreams provide purpose and meaning for life. The dream of Joseph, which hinted of him becoming a leader ahead of his older brothers and even parents that gave purpose and meaning in life. He could endure all hardness, sufferings just clinging to the hope that the dream would come true. The mundane things in life become joyful, interesting and exciting if the dream provides perspective and purpose for life. Dreams provide passion in life. Life without passion or dream is just survival or existence. Dreams give purpose driven life. When dream grips a person, he becomes like a possessed person, pursing relentlessly the dream. The hidden energy, potential, talents, abilities, gifts and skills within oneself are released that provides dynamism to life. Dreams sustained Joseph to endure hardships, deceptions, jail sentence …etc. In the last, he achieved what he dreamt of as given by God.

  • Practice

    What is your dream for your life? What would you like to see in the next ten years or twenty years of your life? List your life dreams for next few years or until you reach the age of 60. Aim at stars, you will at least reach moon is a good proverb. In whatever you do, do it with whole heartedness and passion. That would help you to achieve your dreams.

  • Project

    What is the highest point you could achieve in your life or career or profession? Dream about that. I advised my daughter, when she started her medial school somewhat like this: “In ten years time, if the Prime Minister of this country needs a heart surgery, you should be one of the doctors to be consulted.”

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