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  • Name Leslie Verghese, LCSW

  • Designation Executive Director of Agape Partners

  • Posted On 01-11-2009


Leslie Verghese is the Executive Director of Agape Partners International and the Vice President of a premier Social Service agency in New York. Rev. Verghese is a licensed psychotherapist and is also a minister at the Shalem Tabernacle in Elmont, NY. Married to Jessy and has four children, Japhia, Joshua, Johana and Jaynah. He can be contacted at lverghese@agapepartners.org. View all articles by Leslie Verghese, LCSW

Stay Committed
  • Stay Committed to Your Dream

    Joseph is a perfect example of God’s plan that takes a person from the Pit, through the Prison to the Palace. If God has given you a vision, he will take you through the Pit and Prison and finally take you to the Palace. (Genesis 37: 5-11) The process of fulfillment of the dream is a painful one, and often times discouraging. In order to stay committed, one must cultivate commitment and perseverance.

  • 1. Everyone will not value your Dream

    § Joseph’s own brothers despised him because of the dream. Satan tried to quench the dream through the brothers who were enraged with jealousy § They stripped him off the coat of multi colors which was the visible sign of favor of his father. The enemy is after your robe, the robe of righteousness that you have received by faith in Christ. He will try to place spots on it by accusations, direct attacks, disappointments in ministry etc. He will try to strip you off the robe so that you become a public spectacle for others to ridicule § They put him in an empty pit – The enemy’s desire and efforts are to put you in an empty pit where there is no water. A dry deep pit where there is no word and spirit is what the enemy wants you to be in.

  • 2.Visible Setbacks are used by God to Develop your Dream

    § For the outside world, this was the end of Joseph’s dream. This was total destruction. For God, it was the first step to the fulfillment of the vision. § God uses the same people who put Joseph in the pit to get him out not knowing what they were doing. God uses your enemy to help you move one step closer to your dream even though the enemy does not know about it. Joseph’s brothers were instrumental in getting him out of the pit and selling him to the merchants.

  • 3.Your challenges are His Ways of Preparing You

    § Joseph was entrusted with the day to day affairs of the house of Potipher even though he was only a servant. God taught him administration before he elevated him to the palace. § God also tested Joseph about his self awareness. He knew how he was and who he belonged to. Joseph ran away from the presence of Potipher’s wife leaving his coat. For him his character was more important than his external appearance.

  • 4. Integrity is Punished before it is Rewarded

    § Even though he chose character than his coat, that remained as a circumstantial evidence against him. When you take the right decisions, you might face negative reactions and results. He was rewarded for integrity with the gift of imprisonment. § For a normal person, what Joseph suffered was more than enough to think that the dream he had may have been false. All the setbacks were indicators of the same. However, Joseph stayed committed to the dream as he knew that God was building him up. § Joseph was a man of vision. He was able to interpret visions and dreams of others as well even when he was in the prison.

  • 5.Your Dream is as close as things yet to Happen

    § God has set a period for the Vision. It is striving towards its fulfillment. It will definitely come to pass even if it tarries. God planned all the events in Joseph’s life to prepare him to reach the palace. Pharaoh’s nightmare opened the doors of the prison cell of Josep If God has given you a gift, dream, or vision, He has a purpose behind it. Stay committed to it and be willing to suffer for its sake. Joseph in an instant changed from being a Prisoner to Prime Minister. His chains changed to golden jewelry. He received a royal ring instead of the handcuffs. God will take you from the Pit through the Prison to the Palace. Stay Committed to your Dream.

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