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Stress and anger management
Negative influence of television
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Marriage Coaching

Agape Partners’ marriage enrichment seminar is one of the most popular seminars in the Indian community. This unique seminar presents Challenges Facing Couples and offers insight and practical solutions. This seminar will also empower couples to cultivate a right perspective towards marriage and how to build a happy and successful marriage.
Our marriage coaching tropics are as follows

  • Marriage - Choice of Partner; The Christian Mandate
  • Marriage - Design, Purpose and Process
  • Marriage - Conflict Resolution Strategies; Practical Guidelines
  • Changing Perspectives of Marriage in the Indian Christian Community
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Our Publications

Strangers in a Foreign Land - The Struggles and Challenges of the Indian Christian Community in the USA (Revised Second Edition - Available in May 2009). Christian Marriage - Balancing Biblical Principles with Cultural Norms (Expected to be Published in December 2009). Agape Partners Voice - Quarterly Publication of API focusing on Counseling and Missions


Nationwide quarterly teleconference of professional care givers to analyze critical issues, prioritize them, and strategize appropriate remedial measures as well as implementing proactive measures to avoid other systemic issues from gripping our community.Regional consultations with Pastors, Lay Leaders, Professionals and other Care givers to evaluate the effectiveness of existing resources and streamline them more productively.

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